Explore our NFT collections, available on multiple Cosmos platforms. Our community-driven NFTs are designed to empower our beloved meme coin. Discover the unique and entertaining NFTs in our collections, and add some fun to your crypto portfolio today.

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Enhanced HUAHUAs that came from the future to prevent of humankind’s extinction. TPS game coming 2024
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Psychedelic Chihuahuas image 1
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Psychedelic Chihuahuas

Each unique NFT features a colorful and psychedelic rendition of a lovable Chihuahua, inspired by the vibrant world of psychedelic art
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🐶 10,000 #NFTs
🔥 100% of MINT and ROYALTIES will be BURNED $HUAHUA
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Metahuahua image 1
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Metahuahua is the pass to the Chihuahuaverse.
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CyberHuahua image 1
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This is the design of CyberHuahua, a tribute to the blockchain chihuahua and the superhero of Pop Culture.
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OMG Chihuahuas image 1
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OMG Chihuahuas

OMG Chihuahuas is the first handdrawn Chihuahua #NFT collection on STARGAZE with delicate fashion style!
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Crazy Huahuas image 1
Crazy Huahuas image 2

Crazy Huahuas

The craziest ChihuahuaChain NFT collection!
Bark huat your favorite winning surprise bags, huaf 💛!
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The dandiest HUAHUAs in the cosmoverse. An IBC NFT collection here elevate $HUAHUAs presence on the web. 🐾
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101 Huahua's image 1
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101 Huahua's

NFT of Chihuahua ($HUAHUA) community
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Cute Huaz image 1
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Cute Huaz

Huaz Universe is the home of Cute Huaz, a collection of 999 unique NFTs on Stargaze
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Mad HuaHua image 1
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Mad HuaHua

Mad Huahua is an NFT collection for those that interacted with the rug pull called, $HINU.
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Creatures of Cosmos image 1
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Creatures of Cosmos

20% mint proceeds and 3% royalties from the 1st month will go to the Chihuahua Community pool.
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