Explore our NFT collections, available on multiple Cosmos platforms. Our community-driven NFTs are designed to empower our beloved meme coin. Discover the unique and entertaining NFTs in our collections, and add some fun to your crypto portfolio today.

Psychedelic Chihuahuas image 1
Psychedelic Chihuahuas image 2

Psychedelic Chihuahuas

Each unique NFT features a colorful and psychedelic rendition of a lovable Chihuahua, inspired by the vibrant world of psychedelic art
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HUAHUApunks image 1
HUAHUApunks image 2


🐶 10,000 #NFTs
🔥 100% of MINT and ROYALTIES will be BURNED $HUAHUA
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Metahuahua image 1
Metahuahua image 2


Metahuahua is the pass to the Chihuahuaverse.
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CyberHuahua image 1
CyberHuahua image 2


This is the design of CyberHuahua, a tribute to the blockchain chihuahua and the superhero of Pop Culture.
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OMG Chihuahuas image 1
OMG Chihuahuas image 2

OMG Chihuahuas

OMG Chihuahuas is the first handdrawn Chihuahua #NFT collection on STARGAZE with delicate fashion style!
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Crazy Huahuas image 1
Crazy Huahuas image 2

Crazy Huahuas

The craziest ChihuahuaChain NFT collection!
Bark huat your favorite winning surprise bags, huaf 💛!
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HUAdorables image 1
HUAdorables image 2


The dandiest HUAHUAs in the cosmoverse. An IBC NFT collection here elevate $HUAHUAs presence on the web. 🐾
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101 Huahua's image 1
101 Huahua's image 2

101 Huahua's

NFT of Chihuahua ($HUAHUA) community
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Cute Huaz image 1
Cute Huaz image 2

Cute Huaz

Huaz Universe is the home of Cute Huaz, a collection of 999 unique NFTs on Stargaze
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Mad HuaHua image 1
Mad HuaHua image 2

Mad HuaHua

Mad Huahua is an NFT collection for those that interacted with the rug pull called, $HINU.
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Creatures of Cosmos image 1
Creatures of Cosmos image 2

Creatures of Cosmos

20% mint proceeds and 3% royalties from the 1st month will go to the Chihuahua Community pool.
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